Mycom Lanka is a total IT Solution provider for Retail & Hospitality (Restaurant) businesses. Mycom has been providing solutions for the past 17 years in the region, having over 1000 installation. Currently Mycom has its own offices in U.A.E, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
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Retail Management System

Restaurant Management System

Restaurant Point Of Sale System

Kitchen Printing / Display Utility

Wireless Order Taking System

Caller ID Integration for Deliveries

Inventory Management

Android Point Of Sale

Online Order Taking

Financial Application Integration

Customer Loyalty Management

Ipad Order Taking

Ipad Order Taking

Quick Order Taking

Small & Easy to Carry

Immediate Printing at the Kitchen

Facility to void, add new items, add comments

Runs on Apple IOS

Arabic Enabled on IOS

Fully Integrated System

Restaurant Management System

Windows / Android

Restaurant Management has been made so easy with RestPOS installed in a Restaurant.RestPOS allows restaurant staff to function in a methodical manner,& helps the restaurant manager to have tight control in all aspects of their restaurant.In Todays competitve world,knowing your business has never been so important.RestPOS gives all the tools necessary to understand the operation in detail,giving the management the total control of their business.

The bottom line in your operation is to provide a rewarding experience for your customers.RestPOS helps you achieve that goal, as it is simpley easier to train your staff, easier for the staff to quickly and accurately place orders, and easier for your managers to track and compile sales and inventory information.RestPOS allows everyone in your operation to better serve your customers and make the best use of your investment.This is exactly the reason that several thousands of restaurants have chosen RestPOS to run their POS Systems.

RestPOS Functionality

Easy to use

fully customizable


and Reliable

Flexible Menu

Can easily add your menu in just click of time

Comments to Kitchen

Additional Comments

Cash, Credit Cards

or Foreign Currencies

Deliveries with

customer information

Happy Hours & Special Prices

Customer Discount


  • Flexible Menu
  • Side Terms & Modifiers
  • Open Food Facility
  • Additional Comments
  • Comments to Kitchen
  • Item Voids
  • Bill Refunds
  • Multiple tender facility in single bill
  • Cash,Credit card/Foreign Currencies
  • Multiple KOT in single bill
  • Table orders with pax numbers, covers
  • Deliveries with customer information
  • Fast food facility
  • Customer Discount
  • Multiple Waiters / Cashiers
  • Recipe Management
  • Financial Integration
  • Staff Foods,Complimentary meals
Special Features

Fine Dine In

Quick Service


Fine Dine In

  • Table Arrangement
  • Orders with covers
  • Modifiers / Side Items
  • Hendheld Order Taking
  • Starter-Meal Desert Separation
  • Table Transfer / Combine
  • Split Bill

Quick Service

  • Fast Order Taking
  • Take Out or Dine In
  • KOT Printing
  • Kitchen Display Support
  • Multiple Terminal Support
  • Option to suppress service charge
  • On account option for prepaid customers


  • Customer Registration
  • Caller ID Support
  • Retrieve history on Order Taking
  • Print Delivery Address on bill
  • Track Delivery Man Account
  • Support for Collections
  • Special KOT print for delivery
Cloud Point Of Sale Application

Cloud Point Of Sale is fast, intuitive and light touch-screen android app designed for restaurant, cafeterias / coffee shops. Android System has incredible easy-to-use interfaces.Our mission is to find an affordable way to help you organize and control your business. Cloud Point Of Sale System have the same functionality as Windows Based RestPOS ( Restaurant Management System).

  • Table Order Taking
  • Kitchen Display
  • Multiple KOT Printing
  • Cross Platform (Android, iOS & Windows)

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Wireless Order Taking System

Taking orders, quickly and easily impresses your guests and gives you a good turn around time for each table.Taking the orders using the Hand held device, reduces order taking time by 50%.It not only makes it quick, it also helps the waiters to be on the restaurant floor making themselves available to the guests.

  • Quick Order Taking
  • Facility to void, add new items & comments
  • Standard PDA device, at low cost
  • Immediate printing at the kitchen
  • Runs on Windows CE / Windows Mobile
  • Small & Easy to carry
iPad Restaurant Order Taking

Taking orders, quickly and easily impresses your guests and gives you a good turn around time for each table.Taking the orders using the Hand held device, reduces order taking time by 50%.It not only makes it quick, it also helps the waiters to be on the restaurant floor making themselves available to the guests.

  • Fully Customizable
  • Quick Order Taking
  • Runs on Apple IOS
  • Also available in arabic
MYCOM Electronic Menu (ANDROID)

i-Menu is the next evolutionary step for restaurants that are looking to increase customer awareness and loyalty, and offer their valued guests a modern and interactive way to order food as well as receive personalized and interactive service. We provide sleek and easy-to-use Android tablets that you can use to replace your outdated paper menus of yesteryear and provide guests with attractive electronic menu board instead.

  • User-Friendly touch screen
  • Trouble-free ordering for customers
  • Runs on Android
  • Multi Language Support

Online POS Manager is a website created for Managing our client Master Data and Sales Data.This application allows them to add their menus and then downlaod it to the POS Application using a text file mode.This application allows to upload the sales data (EOD file) to the application sales history so that they can view & monitor their daily sales and check different reports.We also looking at directly downloading the menu to the POS & automatically uploading the sales to the web.

  • It’s a web application , No installations.
  • Runs on any platform or device.
  • Simplified (no unwanted screens or columns).
  • Reports can be accessed directly once sales are uploaded(no processing).
  • Same database can be used for multiple clients.
Online Order Taking Application

Online Order Taking is a web application designed by Mycom Lanka to allow the customers to place order online with local restaurants & fast foods. This website allows the customers to keep accounts with them in order to make frequent order convenient.A customer will search for a favourite restaurant, choose from available items & choose delivery.Payment can be done by credit card/cash, with the restaurant returning a percentage to the online food company.

  • Easy way to have food delivered to home
  • No need to wait or dial up for ordering food
  • Visually available Menu card to select from
  • Easy maintenance of menu through Online POS Manager
  • Direct Order Printing to Restaurant Kitchen

Mycom RestPOS can print orders to the kitchen so that the chef can prepare the meals, and send to the table or to the waiter who ordered it.The system keeps track of orders that is made, and produces reports at the end of the day for reconcillation and analytical purpose.

Mycom RestPOS can send one order to multiple kitchens depending on the type of dishes that is in the order.Items can be edited, cancelled and such messages also will send to the kitchen for required action.

  • Runs on both Windows & Android

A new Call Center Application has been developed to provide customers the ease and comfort for ordering their foods and have it delivered right at their doorstep in just a few minutes. All customers have to do is simply Place a call, Give the desired orders, Provide agents with a delivery information and wait for a few minutes for the order to be delivered.

One of the features of the application is that it keeps a record of the customer last order, so whenever that customer calls back again, he/she may have the option to place the same order again or arrange for a new one.

  • Centralized order taking.
  • Orders are printed to multi-location kitchen
  • Keeps a history of customers last order.
  • Update customer's order status.

Restaurant Order Taking System using Ipad

Cashier Billing (Invoicing)

The system keeps track of all orders taken against a table, no matter how many times the orders are taken.The bills can be printed to be presented to the customer for collection, which can be settled in the system. The system can accept different types of payments sucha as Cash, Credit Card, Foreign Currency, Gift Coupons etc. System also allows multiple cashier with different close out & individual reports.

Foreign Language Support (Arabic / Persian)

RestPOS Software can run with two different languages at any given time. All menu option which reprints every character is made to support an additional language.

Table Reservation System

Mycom Table Reservation System helps restaurant to accept early booking alon with customer information which will help the restaurant to provide better services to customer and capture the customer information which can be used for promotions & greetings.

Recipe Management (Optional)

Recipe of the dishes and food items(including drinks) can be maintained in the system, which will allow the system to do the costing for the sales that has been done, and enable the system to produce all the revenue related report for the management to better understand their restaurant application.

Inventory Control (Optional)

MYCOM RestPOS also provide inventory management for the ingredients(inventory items). The inventory can be linked to the recipe where the system can automatically deduct stocks that has been used in the preparation of dishes or drinks.All inventory related functions sucha as purchasing, stock taking, maintaining different stock locations are possible in the system.

Financial Accounting (Optional)

MYCOM RestPOS can be integrated to the MYCOM Smart Financial System for all the accounting functionalities.This is a full edged accounting software which can handle all functions required in a accounting department.The full integration allows all the sales and related information to be sent to the accounting module automatically, without any duplicate data entry.

Online Viewing of Data (Optional)

MYCOM has developed a unique module to view multiple location data from a central location. The System can pull data as it happen by setting a refresh timing & show data in a single window.It can also be viewed from anywhere over internet without need for additional software.We provide two options for communication, either with VPN(Virtual Private Network) or just only with Internet Connection.


  • Multi Location Data
  • Less Overhead
  • Can be viewed from anywhere
  • Cloud Enabled
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Mycom Lanka is a dedicated point of sale (POS) consulting company and has implemented number of large POS solutions to well known retailers in the Gulf region.

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