Retail Point Of Sale

Retail Point Of Sale

Fast Scanning
20 years of reliability
Wireless Order Taking System
Highly Secured
Supports 24 hours operation
Fully Integrated System
Integrates with most POS electronic devices
Maintains a database of credit customers
Accepts credit cards & foreign currencies
Data stored on world renowned RDBMS
Open software solution

Retail Point Of Sale

With Supermarket POS installed at your stores, computerization pays for itself, saving you thousands, giving you peace of mind and making the best use of your time. With over 100-installation gulf wide having more than 240 most required point of sale features will help you overtake your competitors by controlling costs, reducing errors and increasing efficiency. It has evolved over the years, covering the full spectrum of retail, proving a one-stop resource for important functions that a merchant need to control for the business.

The system has been developed by people who understand retail businesses, having number of years in retail experience. SmartPOS includes all functions required for variety of retail operation. It’s easy to use and very fast in check out operations. This makes the application different than many other software solutions. The system also includes functionality to operate in different environments, for example are retailers who need to receive food coupons or some retailers with requirement for returnable packaging items or retail environment with or without taxes.

SmartPOS Basic Features

  • Expandable up to 99 terminals in a single location
  • Data stored on error free, world-renowned RDBMS
  • Integrates with most POS electronic devices
  • Maintains multiple levels of prices
  • Cash Sale and Cash Collection reports
  • Department and item sales reports
  • Maintains a database of credit customers
  • Accepts credit cards & foreign currencies
  • Slip printing along with receipt & journal printing
  • Ideal for all types of retailers
  • Open software solution
  • Maintains scalable items, such as vegetable, meat, dry rations etc
  • Maintains credit customers
  • alerts the user when the customer exceeds his credit limit
  • Maintains expiry items (for pharmacies)
  • Special prices & Promotions, for a given period of time, reverts back to old prices
Use SmartPOS for

SmartPOS simplifies point of sale and provides a vast array of robust tools to grow your business.

  • Supermarkets
  • Department stores
  • Groceries
  • Dress / Boutiques
  • Pharmacy
  • Shoe / Sport shops
  • Photo labs
  • Spare parts shop
  • All retailers
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Mycom Lanka is a dedicated point of sale (POS) consulting company and has implemented number of large POS solutions to well known retailers in the Gulf region.

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